Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One busy child equals one happy dad.

We went to Clarence’s playgroup today and it was held in PACT, a Kennedy Krieger institute that helps children with special needs. I didn’t anticipate that they will be involved in water play even if I already saw in the playgroup’s calendar the phrase “water play”. I thought we will just have a trip on some swimming pools and water kind of stuffs. Good thing, Like Dora and Diego, I always carry my backpack. I have his complete set of clothes that can be good for 3 days hehe.. towels, food, wipes and etc..

Clarence really enjoyed it, the fact that he’s allowed to play in the water as long as he wants and to do whatever he likes to do, is really a good treat for him. It’s really different when he’s with other kids, he can see how their creativity and courageousness set into play. There are kids who have no fear to get wet, tried high slides and climbed arched steel ladders. And there are some who squirted and sprayed water using the toys around them. No doubt, it’s another great and learning experience for him.

At home, letting him play in our patio with water hose, watering can, pail and dipper made him so busy that I can do some chores without any interruptions. Of course his safety is still considered, our patio is not slippery when wet and I can clearly see him from where I am. He loved playing with water. He’s very much free to do whatever he wants, I believe this will develop his cognitive skills. He’s trying to get answers from his curiosity, like the cause and effect theory. He’s there watering the veggie plants, the grass and the patio table and chairs while me in the computer, blogging hehe… Again, it’s a win-win solution for parents and child. You may also think of other ideas that can make your child busy. Other parents in Clarence’s playgroup shared to me that they bought set of locks, magnets, and others that are not toy-like items because as you’ll notice, kids are more attracted to those things that they’re prohibited to play than to their usual and kind of weary child toys. Here are some of the pictures I took for that event.

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