Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reading bedtime stories

Every night my son asks me to read books for him. If he gets one book, he'll immediately tell me "That's not the last one, Huh?" meaning, he will get another one after I finished the first. I don't know if that is one of his delaying tactics in going to bed but all I know reading books is good for him. Sometimes I enjoyed it but other times, I don't. It's me to blame, I let him gets used to it because I somewhat feel guilty if I don't grant his request (of reading second book). When I know that he’s asking for a good option rather than playing. But the good thing is, he agreed to me when I say that the second book will be the last one. Sometimes, he’s outsmarted me by getting the thickest book he has in the shelf as his last book for the night hahaha.. If I’m so sleepy, I tried to skip pages but there he is to remind me that I missed a page, I think he memorized the pictures in each page hehe.. but according to what I read from, here it is..

Why Should I Read to My Toddler?
Studies show that children with active exposure to language have social and educational advantages over their peers - and reading is one of the best exposures to language.

Sure enough because I can see that his developmental stage is getting advanced from his other playmates of the same age. One time, while I’m driving the car, and out of nowhere he tells me, “BUMPS Daddy!” I was surprised because it was written in a big orange warning sign posted on the side of the road which is under construction along the way. "Don't go to the bumps, daddy huh?!"

At the age of 3, he can read 3 letter words but I haven’t taught him of words with combination of consonants in it. I was really thrilled that when our story time came, I read him the two books he wanted without any complaints. I read him every single word not minding if he knows the words or if he understands it. I tried to explain some words but not all. I believe hearing the words even if he’s not fully listening will still help him. Pictures really help in giving the idea of the words I read. The last time we were out my wife asked me to go to Ross Store for us to get him a Christian story book which is indeed useful and also informative for his spiritual growth. I don’t advertise, but Ross has cheap books and educational toys too.

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Mish said...

wow, galing ng kid ninyo...

siguro patulugin niyo na lang po nang maaga para by the time na matapos ang 2nd book eh may enough time na siya to sleep. hehehe.

link ko po kayo and nice to see fellow christian here. God bless.