Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Real Estate Stimulus - It’s still not too late

When we’re in Maryland friends kept on urging us to buy a house to avail of the first time homebuyer tax credit which is part of the Real Estate Stimulus package. We stick to our principle that we’ll not get a house unless we really like the location. We wanted to settle in a place where we know we could stay forever and raise our kids in the best environment we envisioned. We let that opportunity goes until we decided to move in California where we really look forward to live, close to my brother and not much of snow. So blessed, we really felt like we did the right decision when we heard that the first time homebuyer tax credit has been extended. We knew from the very start that it’s the perfect time to buy a house since the price went really down due to economic condition. We also wanted to have our own house instead of renting, at least now we know that every penny we’re spending for our shelter goes to our own property and not to any apartment owner. We can do whatever we like in our house without thinking of disturbing other people like what we experienced in our previous apartments. Who knew that we can have the best of both worlds by just sticking to our principle. We got the escrow closed before 2009 ends and now we’re enjoying the home that we meticulously chose for our family and also waiting for the federal tax credit of $8000 for being a first time homebuyer and the real plus is the fact that we really loved the location.

I learned from this video that not only us, the buyers, benefited from this purchase but the economy as well, how cool is that! That’s really something, a real win-win solution for both the government and its people. We were able to help without even knowing it. Good news to those first time homebuyer couple who filed jointly in their income tax who have large annual income because the income limit has increased from $150,000 to $225,000 if they purchase their home after November 6, 2009. You will know more from this video.

Always follow your guts!

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