Friday, March 5, 2010

First Time Visit to the Dentist

I had to show him lots of video of kids going to the dentist the night before his appointment to prepare him and get acquainted with the dental clinic, dentist, procedure and instruments.. hoping to get a happy visit for the very first time. It was a success..

I don't care whether the hygieneist and the dentist were not comfortable in me videotaping them, I just told them that this is an important event to my son's life for this is one of his first time experiences that needs to be documented. They even have a sign saying that 3 years old patients should not be accompanied inside the procedure room.. just pretended that I wasn't able to read it, .. hehe.. Clarence did a great job in his teeth x-ray, he cooperated in all 6 x-ray done in his mouth. He finds it fun seeing pictures of his teeth xray in the monitor. I'm proud of him, unfortunately I wasn't able to taped it because he had to sit on my lap. He really loves the dental clinic, he told me that he wants to go back there.


ruthay said...

alam mo al, gustong gusto ko ang pagiging stage daddy mo! ang cute!

ezekiel13 said...

you will undesrtand what i'm going through pag mommy ka na... no one knows baka mas cute ka pa mag-alaga ng baby mo hehehe...