Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There are Plenty More Fish in the Sea

In the group of men, whenever there’s someone being dumped by a girl, you will hear this saying as a console for his broken heart, “There's as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it” or in more simple words, “there are plenty more fish in the sea”. I’m lucky that I never heard my friends saying this on me. To others, this is very hard to understand and oftentimes I will give a tease instead of explanation, “Are seas so deep for you to grasp?” Now, you can take this literally without getting any more confusion, and that is through the site, “Sea of Love”. It best describes the word ‘sea’ in that traditional saying. This is very applicable not only to those who are rejected by some girls but to every person who are still searching for their perfect partner.

I saw how cool the format used. Sea of Love is like a very nice getaway from the burning heat of the sun. I really like the theme. All graphics and terms used are related to things you can see under the sea. So if you’re ready to dive in and swim, this is for you. Time to fish that perfect match you’ve been longing for. Patience in this kind of fishing is not necessary. Good Luck!

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