Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding the Love From the Gloves

I’ve been trying to salvage the green in the front yard. Weeds and dried grass are noticeable. I tried using fertilizers, weed killers and grass seeds. I also set the water sprinklers to be on twice a day considering how hot it is during mid day. I bought a lot of things from the hardware store that will make everybody think I’m genuinely serious of what I’m doing. There, I got hedge scissors, water hose, a couple of trowels, pairs of gloves, boots, grass trimmer, blower, lawn mower and fertilizer spreader. I’m not good in gardening and all these equipments seems new to me. I know it because when I use each one of them, it is either I made an operation mistake or used it in its not supposed function.

The worse are getting my hands pricked and feeling the weeds sap when I pulled and wrestle with those annoying weeds. I realized right there and then why the gloves I bought were on sale. That clearly explains its unbelievable price. Why did I fall on that again? I hate it when I thought that I got a good bargain and saved money then little I know that it comes with a big compromise – the quality. What a waste! Now I need to get a new one but this time I’ve learned my lesson, no more cheap gloves but instead a real work gloves. I wonder if electrical gloves will work better in gardening. I may have more funny stories to tell in this experience. I’ll give you updates of what this green project of mine will look like soon.

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