Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My heart’s in Philly

Guest post written by Rick Stalls

They say people will move mountains for love. Well, I just moved all my stuff, which still happens to be quite a big step.

My girlfriend’s job moved her from our Philly home to rural West Virginia. It sounded like a nightmare at first, but once I went with her to the town to look around it seemed really nice and decided that I would move with her, after all.

Before the move, I used my wildblue in PA to remind all of the editors at the publications to which I regularly contribute as a freelance writer that I was moving but would still be available for remote work. I write a lot about the local music scene but there are also musicians in West Virginia too that I’ve been writing about since the move.

When we moved out here we settled on using satelite internet West VA, which has been great for keeping up with my editors and getting feedback from them about my new subjects.

This sure isn’t Philly, but I can get used to the nonexistent traffic here.

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