Friday, September 3, 2010

Am I the Only One Who Still Goes to the Movies?

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I remember when I was a little kid every time I went to the movie theater there was always a line, my Mom and I would have to almost fight for seats that didn't make our neck hurt or require up to climb over eight people's laps in order to go the bathroom and sometimes (God forbid) the movie would even be sold out! These things never happen to me anymore. Now, I have to sneak snack in my purse in order not to pay $20 for a small box of candy, set my Adt security company home alarm before I leave the house, to ensure I can actually enjoy the movie without worrying the entire time and when I get there, nine out of ten times it just end's up being me and my boyfriend in the theater, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if we want to smooch or any of that without offending anyone. To be honest with you though, this really takes away from the whole experience for me! Before it was an adventure, now I feel like I might as well wait for the rental. This deters me from going to the movies at much as I once did, so now I only go to see the movies I cannot wait for instead of just going for something to do on weekends.

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