Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Author of this post is Velma Baird

One of biggest guilty pleasures on television is the show Bridezillas. I could have never imagined that there were women who actually behaved like this when planning their wedding. At times I have almost felt guilty watching the show and laughing at the craziness that they exhibit, but I always continue to watch. Each bride comes with her own set of drama and issues. Each season seems to bring with it louder, angrier and bossier brides than the season before. Between the meltdowns, fights and evil glares that these brides provide, I cant ever look away from the screen.

My satellite tv from is often tuned into Bridezillas, especially on days when I can just sit around and watch tv for hours. Luckily, the show is often broadcast as a marathon and I can truly spend my day watching women overreact and lash out at everyone around them. It is always interesting to see how bridesmaids, family members and especially grooms handle difficult brides. One of the most shocking episodes I ever watched centered on a bride who left her groom by himself at rehearsal over his mother being ten minutes late. In the end, almost every wedding ends with the bride and groom spending a great evening at their reception and still somehow having friends around to celebrate with.

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