Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want The Office to be MY office!

Written by my friend Lino Brown

My favorite comedy on TV right now is The Office. Michael, as the clueless branch manager, is the pivotal character in the show. His antics and carefree management style often create total chaos within the branch. I also would not be able to live without Jim and Pam streaming through my satellite I ordered at www.direct.TV every Thursday. After years of watching them struggle to come together as a couple, my patience has finally paid off, they just got married and had a baby. Of course the Angela and Dwight story line has been a constant source of humor over the last few seasons. This past year the show took a twist with the disbanding of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and the takeover of a printer company owned by a southern woman with a large personality and she is played by none other than the talented actress Kathy Bates. I am sad to hear that Michael's character will be done on the show at the end of the Spring season due to Steve Carell leaving the show. I truly hope that the remaining characters will be able to carry the show and fill the large void that will certainly remain after his departure.

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