Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Good Deal in Car Insurance

Time is so fast. I can still remember 6 months ago I sent my payment to my car insurance company and now I received my renewal package. Though they gave me lesser premium for the next term I still want to shop for better deals. There’s a lot to choose from. This time I prefer local insurance company. I asked my friends of their insurance, went online and called some agents to compare and get the best buy.

I gave the same coverage I wanted but still they offered different premiums. Some are really expensive maybe because of the integrity they already established in their names, but some which are not well known are good enough for me. I got my car insurance from the latter group, I’m really looking for a cheap one but with good standing from their claimants. I think that’s more important; easy transaction, same coverage and reasonable price. One of our friends referred this one and told us about his good customer service experience in processing his claims. I believe it's because of being not a well known insurance company, they only have fewer clients and this means more time and attention will be provided for me in times of claims. Still, I’m praying never to have a chance of getting any claims from them.

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