Thursday, October 28, 2010

Down in the Pumpkin Patch

Guest post written by Alex Leider

My wife and I had the best time last weekend. We're trying to get into the spirit of the season, what's with it getting colder and the leaves turning and all. Well, we were just sitting around though last Saturday when we saw a commercial come up for a new pumpkin patch in our area. We decided on a whim to check it out so we could get a few pumpkins for the house, a few for carving, and one for cooking! (Edna makes the best pumpkin pies.)

We got to chatting with the guy that worked there, he had a really interesting story. Apparently, he'd inherited the patch through his family, and was running it for the time being. He looked so familiar, almost like someone I'd gone to school with in the past. I wish I had gotten his name! All I remember is that he was wearing Miracle-Ear hearing aids at the time. Oh well. It sure was a great day at the patch, though.

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