Thursday, October 28, 2010

To tile or Not to Tile

Whenever we go to our local hardware stores, we always see to it that we visit and check the tiles section. We have plan of putting backsplash in our kitchen counters to add color and character. As of now, we still don’t see in stores the one we really like. We’re looking for tiles that are contemporary in its styles and designs to match our appliances and furniture. We resorted on searching for it online and we found the one that we really liked, see the picture below:

This is so cool! We’re excited to see it in our own kitchen. The online store also gave other varieties to choose from, so personalizing our house is very possible. Glass is what we preferred but we are also open for other options as long as it will look extraordinary. Once we’re finish in our kitchen, our next project will be the bathrooms, we have 5 full baths in the house so I believe we need to work hard first to earn the right budget for all 5. Our bathroom tiles are kind of traditional though it’s an upgrade but still didn’t qualify our taste. I’ve seen bathrooms made of subway tiles and they’re really great! Very modern and sophisticated. I always see home improvement expensive but still worthy especially when you take pride of the house you’re starting to build as your home.

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