Friday, November 19, 2010

Young Men's Soccer In Seattle

Author: Jonathan Suarez

An ambitious MBA by day and a rough and tumble soccer player by night, I am very glad I made the choice to move to Seattle from the South for several reasons. The reason that comes through, time and time again, is the vast array of opportunity here for men's pickup soccer and organized soccer. I mainly participate in one league, though I have popped in and out of an ongoing league at the University of Washington. The league I have spent many an evening in is designed for "Young Professionals". The league is gender mixed and sometimes features former Division I stars who have either had an injury or have elected to pursue other professions. Needless to say the competition has been very high. I decided to invest the majority of my liquid assets in a business venture that is starting to turn a profit, therefore I live in a rougher part of Seattle than I'd like to. I always set my ADT home security alarm before I go every evening to soccer. The best part about Seattle has been the social connections that I have made through "Young Professionals" soccer. In fact, the business venture is one I came upon through a match a little over a year ago. It has come to my awareness that the leagues for older adults and for young children are booming and that there are several semi-professional teams in the surrounding region. If you're looking for some great soccer, come to rainy Seattle!

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