Friday, October 31, 2008

Computers on kids

While doing some of my computer works, Clarence gets into my lap and started asking me to pull up his Elmo games we installed in our PC. He quickly pressed the window button and the start menu came up. I remember that I put a shortcut of the game in that section, he grabbed the mouse and clicked on the picture of Elmo. There’s Elmo again, waving at me, giving me a look that says, better luck next time!! I don’t blame my son, the game is really good and beneficial. It teaches letters, shapes, numbers, music, colors, and a lot. It’s kind ‘a annoying though because I’m in the middle of doing something but I guess that’s my fault as well. First, I know that I can work when he’s sleeping but I didn’t. Second, I taught him how to become expert in using the keyboard and the mouse. He knew most of the functions of the keyboard. I will not be surprised because I’m so addicted in the internet, what else could he get from me but to learn the computer. He knows ESC, Enter, arrow, page Up/Down, windows, and space bar keys. And for the record, he became good at it when he was just 2 yrs/ 5 mos. old. He can control the mouse with ease, I remember my sister was struggling with the mouse when I first introduce the computer to her. But Clarence is different, it was like just few hours were spent for him to master all the controls in the mouse. When I instructed him to click or press on something, he’ll do it without me asking for the second time. I’ll just say some clue words for him, like ‘X’ for the close window button, ‘OK’ for the option OK, Escape when he mistakenly clicked on something, and Enter to allow whatever tasks are displayed on the screen. I’m so proud of him.
By the way, we got the Sesame Street game from our good friends who originally bought the cd and let us borrowed and installed it in our computer. Thanks to Melvin and Coni for their concern when they told us that the CD will be useful for Clarence like it did to their toddler. I believe that choosing the right computer games for our child is really important, knowing that there are a lot of junk games available in the market, we should be selective. We all know that we can’t avoid the rise of technology, we’re silly if we think that our kids will not be interested at this. We can’t deprive them from using the computers but we can set limitations and their options. The good part is we can reassure to ourselves that they’re learning while also having fun.

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