Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Power of tongue

Sometimes you can't just control words coming out from your mouth because of anger or insecurity. You tend to defend yourself without considering the feelings of the one hearing you. Your aim is to be at the top of the argument that made you shut your mind to everything but only to what you believe is right, whether it's reasonable or not. And what’s this can cause you? Nothing good. You made yourself terrible by getting into a bad mood which is so stressful, you hurt someone by not meaning to do it at all, and you will feel the guilt once you calm down. But the painful part is the fact that the damage has been done. It’s like a permanent record between you and the one you hurt. It’s like you cannot change that particular moment when you did a significant scar in your relationship. It’s worse if you did this to a loved one. In situations like you feel you can’t control yourself, try to stop and think. Know all the consequences of your actions. Will this help or not? Will this do better or make it even worse? What if you try to calm down and listen? It’s better to communicate when both of you are considerate hearing each other out. Both of you will allow each points of view to be well understood. Because one of the good rules is “Shut your mouth if you don’t have any good thing to say”.


Fitz said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Regarding your question, the answer to the Cory Chisel lyrics is "mighty".

k e w o l said...

"very well said"
and I quote when you commented on my reply to the first dispute i had in QA.