Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What to consider in buying gifts

We went to Toys R Us to look for a birthday gift for Aidan, one of Clarence's friends. We take into an account that whenever we buy something for someone, we should also buy something for Clarence. I think it becomes a rationale for us asking ourselves, how can we buy other people expensive gifts and not our own son. It might be a wrong principle for others but that’s how we deal with it. Our goal is to make our son happy, we don’t like him to be in a toy store and seeing us buying things that are not meant for him. Before we go there, we already know what to buy for Aidan because his mom said he wants Lego. I thought Lego was just the simple old traditional blocks that I used to know so I said it’s easy to get one. Then I was surprised to see so many styles of it all in different forms, like Batman, cruise ships, racing cars, and etc. We almost spent an hour looking for the right Lego gift for Aidan, because whenever I see one that fits my taste, my wife will tell me that it’s inappropriate for Aidan’s age, its small parts are hazardous for it could choke, or it could hurt Aidan or his playmates because of the flipping pellets included as a weapon feature. It didn’t come in my mind that choosing the right gift will be more complicated than getting my wife a pair of shoes. After filtering all their stocks, we finally got the one that suits my wife standards. I don’t blame her for being picky because it only shows her concern to the recipient of our gift which made me admire her more. Well, I think that should be our objective in giving gifts, to buy what we know is the perfect one and not just to get anything for the sake of saying, ‘at least we have a gift’. This will somehow show to our friends that we value them as they did in inviting us.

When it is time for Clarence’ toy, I realized that the store is so big for we’re looking for the best toy for him. This time, my wife’s criteria had increased. We’re now looking for safe, best-quality, age-appropriate and most of all ‘educational’. We found a lot but we promised to buy just one. We checked almost all the corners of that store, we compared this and that, read all features and benefits it can give. I almost even pass out for I forgot to take my lunch on that day. Till we finally get two of our choices because we can’t decide which one to get. After we checked out everything, we immediately went to Fuddruckers for snacks. At the end of the day, we didn’t feel any wasted time for we know that we used it in the right way we believe. Giving gifts is also a way to show our appreciation to the people who have offered their friendship to us. So if you’ll gonna buy one, think of the person as yourself getting the right gift with your exact preferences.

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maxi said...

it's really difficult to choose what to buy for someone, isnt't it? but atleast, your kid will get two stuffs from you and your wife! he is lucky!