Friday, December 4, 2009

Use Thy Gifts

When I was still clouded with insecurities, low self-esteem and fear before, I always tell myself that I don’t have any talents nor I can do anything. I’m so shallow that when there are people doing small things which are different, I was easily amazed and felt jealous. I even blame my parents for being deprived of things other people gain from their riches, I was thinking then that if they only give me all the things I needed, I will be as good as those people I envied. –See how dull it is. I lived with these negative thoughts throughout my life but one very thing I kept on wondering was – in spite of all these obnoxity, I was still being taken cared of and blessed with a better life than others.

This was all answered when I started my curiosity about Jesus. I noticed that if you are interested in something, you’ll find a way to know it more and more. I started looking for answers and I believe God assisted me in the right way. I went to many Christian churches, and was able to join Couples for Christ.. –this started everything. My spiritual health began to nourish and little by little, took away my wrong thoughts about myself. God uses His people as instruments to make me a totally new person. I was grateful to what He has done for me. Even greater, He lead me the way to be closer to my brother here in California who encourages me more of my faith with Jesus. He put me in their church, New Life Christian Fellowship which made my understanding deeper with the weekly teaching of their Pastor and spiritual conversations with his family. I was able to realize things I don’t think I ever had before—and these are my gifts.

I learned that everybody has given a gift, big or small, unrecognized or obvious. These are all from God if we treasure and claim it. Gifts that are already within us ever since and the only thing we needed to do is to make it richer and pure. Make use of it in the right and best way we can. Thank God for thy gifts and offer them back to Him – for He is worthy of all of these. How?

As simple as this writing, I don’t even consider this as a gift before, but now I’m using this to reach other people as a form of thanksgiving and to serve Him in the littlest way I know. From now on my knowledge in computers will be shared to others according to what God has planned for it. My patience in teaching as what I worked before being Class Instructor can be used in trying to deliver what I know. Gifts of tongue, friendship, and love made my little ways into its biggest mission and that is – to serve our Almighty God.

If you know how to play guitar, use it – in fellowship;
If you are an athlete, use your power to reach your team mates and introduce God;
If you are a teacher, use it in spreading the word of God;
If you are a caregiver – read the Bible to your patient, show them goodness;
If you are good in photography – use it in showing the beauty God had created for us;
If you’re a simple worker – use it, give hope to others by helping your colleagues in getting out from the darkness;
If you’re a musician – use it in giving glory to the Lord;
If you’re a lawyer – use it to give the right justice for all who are in need;

A simple task you can give may create a big impact to others as what had happened to my life. Use thy gifts and share it with others.

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khristine said...

That's good news, Al! I'm happy to hear that you're starting to rekindle your relationship with the Lord :) Keep it up! :)