Saturday, December 5, 2009

My child can read part 2

One thing my son misses from Maryland is his school’s playgroup. He started going to school in Maryland when he was 2 years old. We won’t forget how fun and full of learning it was (I know because I’m also inside the classroom every class). The ‘Infants and Toddlers’ and ‘ABC class’ that he was attending really helped him a lot to develop his confidence in mingling with other kids. Aside from him attending school, my wife and I are always assisting him to learn more in the best we can. My plan of finding him a new school here in California is in my priority list, but unfortunately, we moved here late September when all schools are closed for new registration and we need to wait for next year for him to be included. As of now, he’s attending Sunday school in New Life Christian Fellowship church; while we are in the service; all the kids are in a separate room for the Sunday class. I’m so happy about it because, this time, not only his academic skills are being developed but also his spiritual aspect. One night when we are praying, he includes Kuya Noy (their Sunday school teacher) and the other kids (his classmates) in his prayer.
“… and please take care of mommy, daddy and me… and Kuya Noy and other kids…”
I know that he’s in good hands with them because I saw it myself when I stayed in the classroom since Clarence doesn’t want me to go away from him in his first day. Plus the fact that Clarence said I love you to his teachers really shows how comfortable he is with them. Started with a prayer then all their story-telling and fun activities are about Jesus and children with good behavior.

We don’t want him to be deprived of the things he could learn from school, so we always find time at home to do some activities he used to do in school. There are story-telling, painting and now reading. We’re proud to say that his reading skills are taught by us, his parents. No other people made him learn to read but us. I’m planning to bring him in McKinley Library twice a week for they have a program for toddlers. Circle time or story-telling. I always believe that my son will do well someday and we will support him to the best we can. This is part 2 of my blog where I show the whole world how good he is. At the age of 2yr/11 mos. he can read 3 letter words and when he reached 3yrs/6mos. old he can read a full sentence. A bit struggle for some words but I know with a little more patience and with some fun-strategy learning, he will be able to read without any mistakes in no time. Please have time to watch the video below to see his progress.

My child can read part 1 can be accessed by clicking this link

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